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It’s arrived!! Hot off the press, here’s a copy of our brand new menu.

 We think it’s a pretty fresh take on in-salon hair treatments.

 It’s been created from a client’s perspective. We understand that sometimes, clients can get overwhelmed, nervous, or just plain bottle it when they actually get to a salon – this is here to help.

 The Colour Palette

Created by our queens of colour Harriet & Amy, it’s basically colour decoded. It’s an explanation of each treatment, the lasting effects and advice on impact and commitment – helping our client’s decide what’s best for them, or if they want to start at the bottom and work up.

Hair Remedies

Hair Remedies are about using all of our stylist expertise to come up with the perfect remedy for your hair, it’s about trusting our experts with your hair, to give you the right hair style and colour mix that’s going to be perfectly on trend (obvs) but also work with your hair texture, your face shape or your skin tone. Hair remedies are for boys as well as girls…

Check out hair remedies by clicking here.

Seasonal colour remedies

Glorious sunshine – amazing for the soul but not always on your tresses. Our summer colour remedies offer preparation & aftercare for your hair.

See our summer treatment options here.

OK, So whats the biggest problem you face when you go to any salon?

It looks great when you leave, you wash it and have no clue how to get it looking the same again well,

Say Hi to Tutorials – Yep, you come in, we show you how to do it, what products to use, how to use the tools and we’ll even video it for you and then send you the footage to help you get it right at home

– yup you’re welcome.

Check out the Tutorial Magic here…

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