Quarantine haircut tutorial with my daughter Nancy Valentine

Staying home with my little Nancy Valentine ❤️ Back in the kitchen but this time with my little Nancy!

This is the tutorial you need if your little one needs a trim and you fancy having a go yourself or anyone in the family with long hair just needs their ends freshened up.

In this one, I use the Dyson’s Gentle Air Attachment – perfect for kids or people with sensitive scalps. I also used my Volumizing Hair Mist as it’s gentle and light. Finished with a little Redken Windblown as Nancy loves a bit of added texture while climbing trees in the garden!

Links to all the products I have used below 👇

Volumizing Hair Mist: https://www.larryking.co.uk/product/volumizing-hair-mist/

Redken Windblown: https://www.redken.com/products/styling/hairspray/wind-blown-05-volumizing-texture-spray

Dyson Gentle Air Attachment: https://www.dyson.co.uk/support/journey/tools/969749-01.html

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