If lock down taught us anything its the importance of good hair and how much better we feel when it looks good. So I think 2021 will be the year of good hair, of correcting mistakes, hair health, lush colour and of a proper hair “style”.

I don’t think any of us had actually sat and thought about how much of a difference it makes to the way you feel about yourself when you wash and style your hair, it can brighten our mood, make us feel in control and generally just give us something to smile about.

The team and I are super proud to release our ‘Girl in Lockdown’ story!

Shot by @colin_dack, featuring our clients @charlottealex_ @ninanesbitt@sophie.hopkins @lauralalahayden@gaynorknightley @ne_li_ma make up by @lisapotterdixon styling by @karenclarkson all clothes are vintage from @foundandvision using as always @larrykinghaircare @redken and @dysonhair !!

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