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“Vicky, is the best in the business when it comes to natural-looking, perfectly colour-matched hair extensions” – British Vogue

Vicky’s vision and versatile approach to using Great Lengths in adaptable ways have seen her grow into one of the country’s leading extensions experts. Add to this her renowned styling and cutting expertise and you have true power house when it comes to envisioning and crafting your Great Lengths experience. Beyond her extension practice, she is a well-known session and salon senior stylist with a remarkable ability to create both classic and highly innovative looks. Three times finalist and winner in U.K. competitions she shows creativity and vision.

With a impressive client base, she has discreetly thickened, extended and manipulated shapes and silhouettes for countless celebrities and campaigns including the likes of Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and Alicia Vikander.

“Extensions aren’t just about the stereotypical lengthening tool, there is so much more to be done with this exciting subject matter. I’m still discovering myself what can be achieved and I’m constantly pushing the boundaries to creating new techniques and styles. It’s not just about extensions it’s about the hair you want. Extensions are just the way I help you get there”.

Whether you are aiming for long and luxurious, short and edgy, mid-length and classic, extra body or just a gorgeous fringe, Vicky delivers with speed, good nature and stand alone skill. It’s all about the hair you want and thought you’d never have…

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